• Aluminum fork: The fork is produced by the TECH brand. It is 100% aluminum and is one of the lightest on the market.
  • Öhlins shock: New settings.
  • Skidplate: Extremely light and durable, made from 7075, T6, the profile enables an optimal grip in the most difficult conditions.
  • Crown: Produced by ZF/OXIA with an FIM protector.
  • Footrest: Made by S3, charcoal grey anodized aluminum, fully machined; very high quality with an excellent finish.
  • Wheels: Made by MORAD, anodized brilliant blue, it has been machined for weight reduction.
  • Rear Wheel Adjusting Snails: Also manufactured by S3, charcoal grey anodized aluminum, featuring a convenient and compact design.
  • Tires: Michelin X-LITE, extremely light.
  • Brakes: Brake system BRAKTEC, fitted with high performance GALFER discs.
  • Front Wheel Axle: Lightened
  • Steering Pivot Nut: Lightened
  • Circuit Breaker: OXIA, approved by the FIM.


  • Piston: Forged and manufactured by vertex.
  • Cylinder Head: Produced by S3, the weight has been reduced and it is finished in black.
  • Clutch: Clutch surflex r.
  • Housings: The housings have received a special stabilization treatment.
  • Exhaust: New diameter elbow for better performance at low revs.
  • CDI: New dual spark CDI Hidria.


  • Rims: the rims are anodized a brilliant blue, the hubs and two spokes are flourescent yellow (for easier valve location).
  • Plastics: black, giving an elegant look to the bike.
  • Charcoal Grey Finish: footrests, rear wheel adjusting snails, master cylinder covers and chain tensioner.
  • Graphics Kit: brand new and exclusive for the new factory special edition trials model. the neon yellow is sublime and energizes the lines of the bike.
  • Handlebar: oxia handlebar has a satin white finish. new bright blue and yellow handlebar pad.
  • Black Finish: triple trees, fork and cylinder head.


Swift and Manuverable!

The Factory Special Edition Trials Model is the best model to date, and is the fruit of over 15 years of experience and knowledge in the production of Trials motorcycles. Significant design work was done to improve the chassis, giving it a new personality. The work done by the Sherco engineers is a major step forward for current and future developments. The main feature is a new frame that is made entirely out of Chrome-Molybdenum steel that combines laminated steel tubes along with sheetmetal plates that are all welded together to create the new frame. This new configuration includes repositioning the fuel tank, it is now in the forward positionand the airbox is now in the center position. The exhaust has been redesigned in order to improve performance at low speeds and provide a smoother evacuation of gas. The 300 is the weapon of choice for competitors and experienced riders, who want a demanding and powerful motorcycle.

Data sheet:


2 strokes Sherco proprietary design

Engine size

294 cc

Bore & Stroke

3.11 x 2.36 in


Nikasil coated cylinder


2% oil pre-mix


Unleaded gasoline 98 Octane


Liquid system


Geared system with folding lever


Steel header pipe with an integrated aluminum muffler


5 speed sequential gearbox with security selector system to prevent false shifts. Primary gear drive chain secondary drive


SURFLEX R, Hydraulically activated multidisc in oil bath


Hidria digital


Tubular section Chrome-moly

Fuel Tank

Ergal aluminium with integrated fuel pump


Braktec, Hydraulically activated, floating 7.28 in front and 5.71 in rear

Front suspension

1.54 in hydraulic telescopic fork, 6.50 in travel

Rear suspension

Progressive link system with single adjustable shock absorber, 6.89 in travel Rear shock

Rear shock absorber


Front wheel

Morad 21” blue anodized aluminum rim and aluminum hub, steel spokes with Michelin X-LITE

Rear wheel

Morad 18” blue anodized aluminum rim and aluminum hub, steel spokes with Michelin X-LITE


149.91 lb


52.05 in

Ground clearance

12.20 in

Seat height

25.39 in